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Antigone, an English born artist, studied fine art in Europe and the United States earning degrees in art, art history and interior design. Endowed with a passion for exploring she has travelled the world translating her experiences through her art. Antigone's oeuvre consists of watercolors, mixed media, fiber art and oils.

She is both author and illustrator of a children's story ' A Surprise Journey for Max' and author of 'Skopelos, An Alluring Greek Island in the Aegean Sea' photography by Jesse Sisken.

Artist Statement.
I have always gravitated towards the colors of the Mediterranean and as an emotive colorist it is the vibrancy of color that registers first. Years ago, after a move to the Pacific Northwest, my color palette changed dramatically from primary colors to misty blues and greens, introspective colors that I grew up with and learned to paint with in England as a child. Each place that I have lived has had a strong influence on my work as an artist, I like to work in a variety of mediums - watercolors, fiber art, collage, mixed media - but oils remain my main focus. I like to use a palette knife which allows me to feel the richness of the paint as it touches the canvas and allows the paint to speak its own language. Once in a while, if I am lucky, a sense of magic takes place. This 'magic' appeared in an earlier series 'Greek Odyssey' where some figurative pieces evolved from the impasto paint, unheralded figures from antiquity reaching across time.

Antigone divides her time between her house/studio in Punta Gorda, Florida and her cottage in the Greek islands where the intense light of both continents inspire her work.